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Parts & Inventory

PTS was formed to support existing Plasma Science equipment owners with maintenance and inventory services. We maintain a complete spares inventory of standard parts and components used for the:
    PS 0150/PS150
    PS 0350/PS350
    PS 0500
    PS 1010
    PS 2020
    PS 4040
    PS 0524
    Plasma Solutions Emerald One
    PS2055 Hammer
    PTS TC04

Standard parts list are provided in all equipment manuals for reference or you can contact PTS for assistance. Non-standard parts are also available but may not be in stock. Please call or email for current pricing and lead time.

Replacement components are available for all Plasma Science equipment.
We are OEM representatives for:


Unique Parts

PTS is pleased to offer certain types of unique parts for existing Plasma Science equipment owners. Currently we offer the following unique parts:
    New process controller
    Variety of monomer injection systems

We also provide a wide variety of System Options & Upgrades.
Please contact us with any questions concerning unique parts:

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