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Gas plasma treatment is a proven manufacturing standard for controlled substrate surface cleaning, adhesion promotion, and thin film coatings. This technology enables higher throughput, greater consistency, and cost reductions compared to manual operations. Plasma eliminates wet chemistry operations and primers and is embraced by industry as an environmentally-clean technology.

Plasma Technology Systems (PTS) designs and sells low-pressure gas plasma manufacturing equipment as well as offers process development. Through our ISO 9001:2008 certified 4th State, Inc., division, we offer contract plasma treatment services for parts. Since 1980, clients in Life Sciences, Aerospace, Automotive and Electronics have benefited significantly from PTS technology and consulting expertise. PTS surface re-engineering of plastics, textiles, rubbers, glass, ceramics and metals improves the manufacture of parts as varied as medical devices, aerospace composites, sensors, flexible circuits, and filters.

Equipment sales & rentals (new & refurbished)
Process development & Contract Services
Parts/Inventory support
Batch systems from 1.5 to 125 cubic feet
Tumbler systems
Continuous profile systems for fiber and tubing
Web handling systems for up to 60 inch width materials
Refurbished systems
Rental systems
Plasmatreat Openair® technology
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